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#Nextchat: Building Better HR

first_imgHR professionals often work so diligently at improving the culture of the organizations in which we serve that we often forget to take care of each other and our own profession.  We spend so much time creating opportunities for employees that we forget we need development, too.  With so much work and so little time, how can HR pros foster a culture of continuous improvement and find ways to help and support each other internally, nationally and even globally?HR can become intrinsically better for the greater purpose of improving the profession.  Culture, flexibility and innovation are the trinity to HR’s ongoing progress.Where there’s flexibility to do work in accordance with your passions, there’s excitement.  Where there’s excitement, people feel empowered and engaged in their work. When HR is excited about the initiatives, programs and policies it creates and administers, the hope is that this excitement will be infectious and have a positive impact not only on the entire organization, but also on the profession’s culture.  What are you doing inside (and outside) of your organizations to build better HR?Please join @WeKnowNext at 3 p.m. ET on Feb. 6 for #Nextchat with special guest Janine Truitt (@CzarinaofHR).  We’ll be chatting about how HR professionals can better support each other and continue to improve the culture of their profession.Q1. What motivates you most as an HR professional in this challenging era?Q2. What methods have you found to be effective in engaging and energizing your HR teams?Q3. How can HR pros nurture a culture of innovation within their own teams and within the profession?Q4. What are some innovative ways HR pros can use social media to build better relations, inspire and support each other?Q5. How can HR metrics influence HR professionals to become more proactive and strategic?Q6. How can cross-training (in HR and other departments) and continued education help build a better HR professional?Q7. Is in-person networking still important for HR pros?  Why and what/where are the best opportunities when you have limited time?last_img read more

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