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first_img…for relevance in PNCWhen Burnham created his dictatorship, it was built on three blocks: the PNC party, the Armed Forces and the bureaucracy. He created the PNC and the army but inherited the bureaucracy. He insisted that the PNC was “paramount”, even over the government which ran the State: before the government, he intoned, there was the party!! And it wasn’t any old party – it was HIS party!!But it wasn’t always so since he had to accept some individuals and groups who’d been around before he decided to break away from the PPP. With fellas like Kendall from New Amsterdam and Carter in Georgetown, he just couldn’t throw his weight around as he wanted from the very beginning. So as soon as he was placed into office, he solved that problem: by banishing some, “promoting” others as ambassadors and just ignoring the rest, like Robert Jordan of Wismar Massacre fame.Well, Burnham’s protégé, Granger, seems to have learnt well from his mentor as to how to keep power in politics. Even though some thought he was a novice when he was brought in by Robert Corbin back in 2011. All those who are promoting him as “Mr Clean” and, as a paragon of virtue and rectitude, should remember that the PNC election to get him into the saddle was rigged so massively, there was a walkout from the Linden delegation when the results were announced.The PNC’s hanging its entire campaign on Granger’s “honesty” and “integrity” – words splashed on every billboard and banner under his smirking visage. What’s “honest” about becoming leader through fraud?? Where’s the “integrity” in that?? But he’s trying to hide that skeleton in his closet by bribing Aubrey Norton with a job at OP. On the upcoming Sharma Solomon and Vanessa Kissoon – like Burnham and their fellow Lindener Jordan— Granger gave them the cold shoulder.And it seemed to have worked!! They showed up at the campaign launch all contrite and coy; settling for hanging out with the hoi polloi!! Clarisa Reihl and Hamley Chase both close to Hoyte – who knew Granger was a Burnhamite to the bone and banished him to UG! – objected to Granger’s rigged accession.  Reihl was banished as ambassador to Canada and Chase to England!! And so on, like Lurlene Nestor, who was reduced to sharing out flyers in Sophia and having to prove her credentials by picking a fight with PPP activists!!While degutting the PNC of its faithful since 2015, Granger filled the gaps with his army buddies and sissies!! He’s done the same in the bureaucracy. The army and police were also purged and replaced with loyalists!Next stop, if not stopped?? Duh!! Being dictator, of course!! …for a spotBack in 2011, when Granger benefitted from the rigged PNC elections, old-time PNCite Carl Greenidge was the fella shafted. He was silenced, however, with the Foreign Minister’s gig – even though his forte was economics!! However, he’d gotten used to the good life on the smorgasbords of one international inter-governmental body after another. They live high off the hog, those fellows!! And Carl enjoyed swirling his cognac almost as much as Burnham!!So Foreign Minister Carl stayed mum. But after Granger was handed Carl’s head on a platter following the NCM vote – when he was outed as a (gasp!!) Britisher – he fears that he might become as disposable as Reihl and Chase.  But he’s not one to abandon those five-star hotels! He has just reinvented himself to keep his job. Smelling the breeze blowing from Granger’s direction, Carl suddenly became a Pan Africanist!!He accused the Muckraker of being “racist” for pointing out that Africa – with oil coming out its kazoos – remains dirt poor!!Even though the Muckraker’s staff is 98% African!! Carl’s desperate!!…futilelyAccused of favouring the PNC with its coverage of their launch vs the PPP’s, CEO Enrico Woolford said it was not “broadcasting”, but “telecommunicating” – which is “free” – for the government!!But it was a PNC event!! So why the PPP can’t get “freeness”?last_img read more

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