Morocco Number of terrorism cases increased over 129 in 2014

Rabat – The public prosecutor of the Rabat Court of Appeals El Hassan Eddaki said that the number of terrorism cases in the year 2014 reached 147 cases against 64 in 2013, which is an increase of 129.68%. Some 323 people were brought to justice last year versus 138 individuals in 2013, he said on Tuesday on the occasion of the new judicial year at the Rabat Court of Appeals  and first instance of  courts under his jurisdiction.This increase is due to the developments in some hot spots in the Sahel, Syria and Iraq, he added. In 2014, the number of terrorism cases brought before the criminal court was 124 lawsuits, he said, noting that sentences were handed for 88 cases out of them.Concerning the criminal court of appeals, 93 cases were brought before it.  Out of them 70 were settled (75.26%).As for international warrants for arrest as part of terrorism affairs, the public prosecutor said that his department issued 5 warrants, one of which was executed.Meanwhile, the number of letters rogatory by the public prosecutor’s office or sent to it was  13, 10 of which  were executed, that is a rate of 76.92%.MWN with MAP

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