Mervyns spell on Sunday Leader

“Leader newspaper has been making false allegations against me and my son. There was another report yesterday. I am not going to threaten or assault journalists. Throwing mud is one of their rights. But I am going to cast a black spell on those who write and instruct to write these falsehoods. The God will decide who is truthful. If I am guilty the spell will return to me. I am not involved in any wrong doings. So I am not scared. However, I am not ready to bribe those third class journalists with liquor or go after them requesting them to not to publish such articles,” the website quoted him as saying. Notorious Government Minister Mervyn Silva has reportedly said he is going to cast a spell on The Sunday Leader newspaper for publishing articles against him and his son.The ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ website reported that the Minister has already approached people involved in black magic to carry out the curse on journalists attached to the newspaper.

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