Mutant ThreeEyed Python Found in Australia

first_img“The three-eyed snake warns The Dry is coming,” rangers posted on Facebook, a reference to the hit show Game of Thrones‘ Three-Eyed Raven.Caring for Monty proved to be a challenge for the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife officials, however, and the snake struggled to feed due to his deformities.Ranger Ray Chatto confirmed to NT News that the snake died last week: “‘It’s remarkable it was able to survive so long in the wild with its deformity and he was struggling to feed before he died last week,” he said.What a regular two-eyed Australian carpet python looks like. (Photo Credit: Auscape / UIG via Getty Images)Monty’s remains are now being kept at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) research center in Darwin, the Daily Mail reported.Carpet pythons are non-venomous and can be found in habitats ranging from tropical rainforest in the north-east of Australia to arid and coastal regions, according to the Australia Zoo. They can grow up to 11 feet and primarily eat mammals and birds, although smaller pythons prefer to eat lizards.More on Found Covered With More Than 500 Ticks Treated for AnemiaGigantic 17-Foot Long Python Captured in EvergladesWatch: Horny Toads Hitch Ride on Python’s Back After Storm Park rangers were recently left baffled after they found a bizarre, three-eyed python in the Australian Outback.An X-ray revealed that the juvenile snake, which was 3 months old and measured around 15 inches, did not have two separate heads that were forged together, rather it appeared to have one skull with an additional eye socket and three functioning eyes.Rangers from the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife found the unusual snake — a carpet python — in March on the side of a highway, just outside Darwin, Australia. They named the python “Monty”.The rangers said on Facebook  that the eye “likely developed very early during the embryonic stage of development.” They also said it was “extremely unlikely” that the development of the extra eye was due to environmental factors as natural-occurring as malformations are “relatively common” in reptiles. Stay on targetcenter_img Watch: 13-Foot ‘Queen of the Pythons’ Lays Massive Clutch of…200-Pound Python Named ‘Ginormica’ Could Reach World-Record Size last_img

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