Valve starts promoting Steam for Linux to Windows users

first_imgSteam is now being used by thousands of gamers running a Linux OS, and Valve has got to the point where they are happy to start urging Windows users to make the switch.Proof of that comes from the screenshot you see above. It’s the Steam website, and placed prominently near the top of the page is a “Join the Beta” promotion suggesting you try Steam for Linux. There’s even a download link to get Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, which removes yet another barrier to entry.With Gabe Newell’s clear hatred of Windows 8, this shouldn’t be a surprising move. We aren’t going to see another version of Windows appear for a few years, so in Valve’s eyes pushing Linux to gamers makes a lot of sense. The Steam Box will also run on Linux, so again, promoting Linux and getting its presence known more widely across the gaming community makes selling the Steam console easier in the future.Switching to Linux is also an unusually easy affair. You don’t need any new hardware, and you don’t even need to replace Windows. There’s also no costs involved as Linux is free to use. The one issue you may hit is hardware compatibility, but that has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and few have any major problems with Ubuntu other than not liking Unity.The one thing Valve needs to do now to really convince gamers Linux is the future, is get support from more games. A lot more games. If a Steam game doesn’t run on Linux then it will stop at least a few gamers making the switch. Valve is clearly well aware of this fact, though, and you can guarantee they are working behind the scenes to get as many developers on board as possible.via Ubuntu Vibeslast_img

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