Ubisofts RUSE will never return to Steam thanks to expired military lic

first_imgExisting owners can continue to play the game, but considering the multiplayer focus it’s not a great situation. Player numbers continue to be steady, with Steam Charts showing a 230 to 600 monthly player average over the past 3 years. Even in the last month the player count peaked at 506.It just goes to show that no game is safe, not even those that can be offered in digital form indefinitely at very little cost to the publisher. Maybe in this case Eugen can contact Ubisoft and offer to replace the licensed items with generic alternatives? It all depends on the costs involved as to how viable that would be. Licensing is becoming an ever bigger problem in the world of video games. Usually it’s the music that requires a license, and when that license expires, a game can’t be sold anymore, or needs to have the tracks removed before sales can resume. But the same is true of any content or tech used in a game with a license attached, and this is ultimately what has seen Ubisoft’s game RUSE mysteriously disappear from Steam.RUSE is a multiplayer-focused real-time strategy game set in World War II and developed by Eugen Systems with Ubisoft handling publishing. On release in 2010 it got very favorable reviews, achieving a Metacritic average of 76% from critics and 81% from users. It has enjoyed steady sales on Steam ever since (PS3 and Xbox 360 versions were also available).In December last year RUSE disappeared from Steam with no explanation given. Everyone, including developer Eugen Systems, has been scratching their heads as to why and demanding it be put back on sale. Nearly four months on and we finally have an explanation.Ubisoft has confirmed that they took the game off sale and it won’t be returning. The reason being certain military items in the game were used under license and Ubisoft is not renewing that license, instead deciding to permanently stop selling the title. <>last_img

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